Grand Auto Theft Go blamed for traffic offences and scuffles

The release of Grand Auto Theft Go has been blamed for a rise in traffic offences and fisticuffs between strangers.

The game, which was launched following the success of Pokemon Go, allows people to play the game in the real world with their handheld phones.

One gamer told GrumpyFuckers:

“It’s great. So far, I’ve smashed up 23 cars, ran over 79 people and killed 410. It’s just like being in the real world. I’ve also managed to acquire a helicopter which I never thought I’d ever have, plus I found a few Pokemon while I was out beating the shit out of people. It’s all good.”

Sgt. GrimGrits, spokesman for the local police, added:

“This game has had our officers handing out parking fines all over the place. Before we know it, we’ll have all kinds of disturbances going on down here. Someone needs to put a stop to this.”

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