Comedians ready to crack hilarious May 4th Star Wars reference


Comedians all over the world are ready to crack their annual May the Fourth jokes.

The japesters are itching to point out that May 4th sounds like something that would have been said in a Star Wars film.

One comedian told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I do it every year. I am soooooo funny. I get so excited on May 3rd because I know that the next day, I’m able to catch all my friends out by saying May the Fourth Be With You. I’m hilaaaaaaaaaaaaarious! All my friends love me and they always like my posts when I mention it on social media. It’s like they forget that May 4th sounds like May The Force and I get them every time. My mum says that I should go on telly – I am THAT funny. I made someone laugh earlier when I asked someone what ET was short for. I told them that he’s an alien and that they don’t grow more than 3ft tall. Honestly, I’m mad I am. Really mad.”

Another comedian said that he was going to go into work and tell everyone that it is Star Wars Day and when they ask him why it’s Star Wars Day, he’ll say that it’s May 4th.

May 4th is often known as Star Wars Day because that’s the day that Star Wars was made.

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