Bill the Stick Man found dead in a hotel room

The internet star known as Bill has been found dead in a hotel room in Los Angeles.

The star, known for his banal posts and stickman-like appearance was found by cleaners in the early hours of this morning.

The cleaner told GrumpyFuckers:

“I’m over the moon. If I’d known he was in there, I would have killed the fucker myself with my bare hands.”

Police investigating the death said:

“At 4.35am local time, we discovered the body of what we believe to be Bill. At this time, we are not certain what caused his death. However, a quantity of alcohol and sleeping tablets were found next to his bed. We believe his sudden rise to fame was something he couldn’t cope with. We will be speaking to Grumpy Cat and other popular meme character to rule out foul play. We’d like you to let us investigate this without anyone posting any more of those shitty memes. Thanks.”

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