A woman’s guide to getting payment ready at the supermarket checkout

We all know how hard it is for some women to have their purses ready when it comes to paying for some goods at a checkout. That’s why we at Grumpy Fuckers have produced an in-depth, step-by-step, fool-proof and easy-to-follow guide.

If you’re sick of hearing other shoppers sighing impatiently while you pay for your sundry goods, here’s how to remedy the situation. Just follow these really easy steps:

1. Get your purse out while you are in the queue, waiting to pay for your goods.

2. Immediately present payment when prompted, instead of dicking around, looking for your purse in your handbag, in your pockets, up your arsehole etc etc.

There! That’s it! All you need to do to make life easier for everybody else! Don’t say we don’t give you anything.

3 thoughts on “A woman’s guide to getting payment ready at the supermarket checkout

  1. scott Vetinari says:

    And dont even get me started on packing it into their bags . PACK as YOU GO. Not wait till its all gone through then fucking start packing and find you havent any bags …………..

    • David R Schifter says:

      There are people who still write checks! Checks for fuck’s sake! And they begin searching for their checkbook only once the cashier gives them the total. So instead if filling it out in advance and just putting in the amount, we all have to wait. Infuruating.

  2. Jean says:

    Same applys when getting on buses. Wait 15mins for bus while chatting. Wait in queue while boarding. When reach driver decide to hold up bus for another 5 mins while emptying out contents of bag and pockets to find bus pass. Uuuurrrrr.

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