Self-isolating woman completes Netflix


A woman in self-isolation has successfully watched everything on Netflix.

Ethel LardArse says that she’s now moving on to YouTube, and hopes to complete that too by the end of the month.

She told Grumpy Fuckers.

“The big boss man told us that we’ve all got to stay indoors in case we get the virus. Luckily, I’d recently signed up to Netflix so the first thing I did was sit on my fat arse and flick it on. Within the first day, I’d completed seven box sets and just a few short hours ago, I finally managed to complete it all. I haven’t moved from my sofa once apart to get myself some ice cream from my freezer.

“My next challenge is to complete YouTube, which my friend reckons is doable by the end of the month. After that, fuck knows what I’m going to do with myself. I’ll probably have to frig myself to death.”

Ethel’s husband Stan said that he is proud of his wife’s achievements.

“We’re going through some tough times but she’s as tough as shit.”

1 thoughts on “Self-isolating woman completes Netflix

  1. Gma says:

    Not believing this. All the shows and all the movies. When did she start this. You tube now. My grandkids have stuff on there from 10 years ago. How to track it. Nope. Get guiness book of world records to track it. try hulu Amazon prime, disney.

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