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Scientists discover ‘dessert stomach’ that allows you to eat afters even if you are full

A leading scientist has discovered a hidden stomach in the human body, that allows people to eat desserts – even when they are full from eating a main course.

David BoggleEyes made the discovery while out eating at a local restaurant.

He told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I was out having one of them eat-all-you-can meals down at the local Chinese when I met a friend who I haven’t seen for a few years. The guy was a fat bastard and ate three main courses over the period of an hour. He was then presented with a dessert menu and we all thought he’d have to decline. We were astonished to hear him ask for a chocolate brownie and when it arrived 10 minutes later, he ate it no problem. I had to make further enquiries so I took him back to my lab to find out where he’d put it all and lo and behold – the x-ray showed what I can only describe as a ‘dessert stomach’. The dessert stomach is separate from the main course stomach so no matter how much you eat for your main meal, you’ll always have room for a dessert.”

BoggleEyes has since proven that the dessert stomach is quicker at digesting its contents, so can be ready within minutes for replenishment.

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3 thoughts on “Scientists discover ‘dessert stomach’ that allows you to eat afters even if you are full

  1. Funnily enough, is this anything to do with wearing Dessert Boots? Oh sorry, wrong spelling.

  2. This explains why I always seem to do a double dump! One must be the main courses thundering down the Bourneville Boulevard, then a short while later it’s followed by a smaller cohort joining it’s buddy in the plunge pool. Gotta be the dessert stomach evacuation process. Marvellous.

    1. Alimentary my dear Watson, Alimentary.

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