Man buys a car to go to work to pay for car

A man has bought a car to go to his job so that he can pay for his car.

Freddy Fuckwit bought his second-hand car yesterday so that he could get to his new job so that he could pay for his second-hand car.

He told GrumpyFuckers:

“I had to get a car to get myself to my new job. I now go to work to pay for the car that I need to get myself to my job. I get up at sparrow’s fart, drive myself to work, where I spend all day being bossed around by assholes. Then I drive home from work in my car, knowing that I’ve earned some money to pay for my car that I’ve just driven to work in.”

His mother added:

“He’s been sitting around my house on his lazy arse for the past 5 years. I’m glad that he’s got a job now and it’s nice to see him paying for his car so that he can get himself to work to pay for the car.”

Freddy’s girlfriend Mandy said:

“I never see the fucker these days.”

1 thoughts on “Man buys a car to go to work to pay for car

  1. Grumpy Pop says:

    C’mon guys, You can do better than this crap. I used to look forward to your fortnightly (ish) emails for a bit of a giggle. But now that you are obviously feeling the pressure of this quarantine crap and posting every day or so. You’re clearly clutching a straws. Quality, not quantity got you up there. Get back to your roots please. I for one look forward to more fucking awesome content. Cheers

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