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Dear Ethel: Why is my husband such an arsehole?

Dear Ethel

Why is my husband such an arsehole?

Gaynor, Cardiff

Dear Gaynor,

It’s likely that because your husband is a man, there is a strong possibility that he will be an arsehole. Being an arsehole is such a common trait among men that the two go hand in hand quite well. It could be that he leaves the toilet seat up when you go in for a shit. It could be that he goes out and gets drunk when you need him to give you a hand around the house. Or it could be that he’s gambled away your house and pension down at the local casino. In your case, I’d need a bit more information so that I can answer your question better. Send me another email or better still, give me a call. I get easily with my own arsehole husband so it’d be good to chat.


Ethel Leathercrotch is a world-renowned Agony Aunt who likes cats, standing in supermarket doorways and smelling of chicken soup.