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International Lazy Fuckers Day postponed until next month sometime

International Lazy Fuckers Day has been postponed until next month sometime.

Organisers said that they couldn’t be arsed to arrange the annual event because it was too much hard work.

Organiser Fatboy Lardarse told Grumpy Fuckers:

“I woke up this afternoon and asked myself whether I really wanted all the work and hassle of arranging the event. I did it last year and it nearly killed me and this year, I think I’d rather just sit around in my kegs and watch telly instead. I phoned my mate Turdy McGinty and he said the same so we’ve decided just to postpone it for a while. Maybe when we’re feeling a bit more in the mood for it all.”

Regular visitors to the festival welcomed the news. Jerry Shithead said:

“To be honest, I’m glad to hear it. If was this month, I probably wouldn’t have gone because I really can’t be arsed. I hope that they postpone it indefinitely so that I don’t have to go.”

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